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CUBE Care is our support line which is offered to all course, for one year after the end of the course.

Sometimes we know that things can get hard and there isn't always someone you can turn to. Well leave that to us! If you or your co-workers experience a challenging event where you have put your skills to use, give us a call. 

We know that it can be hard, especially when it comes out the blue & you have to use your training. Be assured that we will lend a hand, an ear to listen and a cup of tea to listen to your concerns and share you experience. 

If we need to do a little more training, we can arrange this. We even have links to highly experience Occupational Health providers who can offer therapy or counselling when necessary. 

There we go, now you can relax knowing we will support you every bit of the way knowing you can step up, if the time comes and we will be here cheering you on. Go You! 

If you would like to know more, fill in the form below and a member of the team will reach out to you.

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Would you recommend this course to colleagues?

Yes, it was very useful and gave me the knowledge I need to confidently work as a first aider

What was most useful?

The course was adaptable to the situations I could encounter at work, and therefore better fit for purpose in giving me the confidence to use these skills.

Sam, First Aid at Work, February 2022

Any other comments?

Best FA course I’ve been on to date - our trainer was excellent with engagement and using work place examples which was very helpful.

Sasha, First Aid at Work, February 2022

Any other comments?

Very enjoyable and eye opening, the trainer was amazing

John First Aid at Work, March 2022

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